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Dumbbells are back in the mix, and I think it’s awesome!

Similar to last week, preparing for this one is going to involve the hips and getting that low back ready to get low. We want to not only make sure we activate the core this week to keep us moving freely, but also protect our low back.

If you blew out your low back in 17.1 and were walking funny all weekend you did it wrong. Prep, execution, etc. You should go slap your coach.

Here we go…


Sticking with the row again. 3-4 minutes super casual, get the body temp up and heart rate on the rise.

Attack your legs first. Light up your hamstrings, quads and hips. You have to get LOW again this week with cleans and lunges, so hit your hip openers. Check Out The Guide Here.

We will hit the trunk during our activation so attack your pectorals, shoulders, lats, biceps and triceps. Roll ’em out, use a band. Call it 8 minutes and and spend 4 minutes on each side. Here are a few that I hit…

Activation and Warm Up

3 Rounds. 8 Kettle Bell Romanian Deadlifts. 8 Walking Lunges. 8 Hip Bridges. 8 Hollow Rocks. 8 Push Ups. 8 Ring Rows.

Romanian Deadlifts – Keep belly tight, focus on explosive hip extension and keeping your spine a flat as a surfboard, snowboard, etc.

Walking Lunges – Round 1 – Reach up and back if your right foot is forward rotate and reach your right hand back towards your left heal. Round 2 – Pause in the bottom of your lunge and drop your hands to the floor. Take each arm, rotate and reach as far as you can to the ceiling. Round 3 – T out your arms and get a twisting rotation in each direction while in the bottom of you lunge. Do not let your back knee hit the floor.

Hip Bridges – FULL Hip Extension. Same idea here to keep you spine locked in place.

Hollow Rocks – Get your spine right! Lock up your core!

Push Ups and Ring Rows – Be deliberate with your movements. Big squeeze at the end of each rep. Get everything firing.

The Workout

Movement is going to be your friend on this one. Find your pace. Minimize your rest, transition time. No red lining! I did not count my lunge steps, I kept my eye on the end line and would adjust my strides as I took them to ensure I wouldn’t come up short and have to take and “extra” step. If you want to get SUPER specific, add a few extra marks on the floor if you want.

Get on the bar immediately. Transitions will be key, your time is limited.  SCALE EARLY. I find with T2B and other gymnastic movements, once they are gone, they are gone. Keep your reps low. Same exact rules for the muscle ups. Sets of 2s and 3s. Drop to singles if you have to. But most importantly, a pace you in which you can keep moving.

For the cleans…. Just get these over with. These didn’t bother me at all. Technique on these… GET LOW! Simple rule of thumb, if your shoulders drop parallel to your shoulders, you’re in trouble. Try not to break them up AT ALL. Finishing your cleans will be your tie breaker to get these over as soon as you can. Even if you have to do an extra clean before you start you next round of lunges.


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Be quick. Find your pace and stick to it, there won’t be time to rest, so scale early. Keep Moving. The 12 minutes will go fast.

My first try, I got 5 Muscle Ups into the second round. For a total of 117 Reps. I decided to hit the breaks on the Bar Muscle Ups during the second round because my hands were beginning to rip. I want another chance at this one, so I pulled up.

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