What do you Snatch, Bro? Now, let’s get you good and tired and see how much you can snatch.

Classic CrossFit style workout here. I like it, but I think this one might hand me my shoes.

Let’s get going…

Mobilizing, Activation, and Warm Up.

Im putting you back on the rower. 3-4 minutes super casual, get the body temp up and heart rate on the rise.

Attack your legs first. Light up your hamstrings, quads and hips. Catching in a squat or over head squatting so get em open! Hit the hip openers Here They Are Again.

Next, shoulders, give them some love. Loosen them up with the same movements from last week. Add in some activation. The ScapJack or Crossover Symmetry is an awesome tool. If you don’t have one, I found this amazing shoulder warm-up/activation from the US Swim team. I have my athletes do this all the time. You can find it HERE. (It used to be a cheezy video, now its an even cheezier picture description. Either way its legit.)

Get your spine right. Hit the foam roller or a peanut. Then hit some DeadBugs!!! Dead bugs are so hot right now!

The Workout

I want you to attack this like an Olympic lifting day. Act like you are going for a 1 Rep Max Squat Snatch. Go EMOM style, or just take your time working up to a heavy single. Spend about 15 minutes doing so. Once you hit your heavy one get right into this bad boy. Dial back the weight, and send it. (Send it means go big, btw)

While you are snatching I want you to follow this progression for getting your shoulders primed for C2B (And Sntaching too, really). A set of 10 Scap Pull Ups. A set of 10 scap pulls ups with a small elbow bend. (Make it a two step process). A Set of 10 strict chin over the bar pull ups following the same movement pattern. Move into kipping pull ups, kipping C2B etc until you are sync’d and ready to fly.

The chest-to-bar pull ups are just in the way during this workout. Try and get through them as efficiently as possible. Time is your friend, give yourself as much time as you can to snatch. However, I find most athletes, when they try to go fast on pull ups, specifically C2B, they loose everything. My motto…. PRETTY, NOT FAST.


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Time is your friend, don’t freak out, and just pretend you are having another Olympic lifting session. Pretty, not fast on the pull ups, and be efficient. Be careful not to waste any snatch pulls in the later rounds. Take an extra second or two if you need it to ensure a good rep. ABSOLUTELY have your friends load the bar for you.

Check back for updates.

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