I should have said something sooner… but if you didn’t see this one coming, you should have and I wasn’t the only one.

Deadlifts, Wall Balls, Rowing and Hand Stand Push Ups are all some of my favorite movements, but put them all together and this turns into a nasty little 12 minutes. Not to mention these high reps.

Today’s Theme… Pace. But first…

Mobilizing, Activation and Warm Up

You guessed it, hit the rower. Its almost identical to the dead lift so why wouldn’t you start there…. Then, yup, the hip openers again. These will get you ready for the wall balls as well as the dead lifts. And since you have been crushing your open workouts we are going to hit the same shoulder openers too. Routein is good. You know how you feel after doing the mobilizations so, yea, hit em again, its a good idea.

Doing new mobilizations you have never done is NOT something id recommend doing on game day! Stick to what you know.

Hip Openers – Click Here

Shoulders – Click Here. 

Get your spine right… Hit 3 rounds of 5 Dead Bugs, 20 second Pillar Hold. 4 Hollow Rocks. 20 second Side Pillar Hold. 10 Hip Bridges. 20 second other side pillar hold.

Grab your bar and do what you gotta do to get to your deadlift weight, mix in your wall balls when you can/want.

The Workout

Pace… Pace… Pace…

13 Minutes is not very long, so pick a pace and stick to your plan. Be conservative NOW so you dont have to make a change in the middle of your workout and throw EVERYTHING off.

Here is how I’m planning on tackling this one….

Deadlifts… Sets of 3-5. Starting with 5 and ill move to 3s with short breaks no matter what. Keep moving.
WallBalls… I can black out on Wall Balls so this is where I’m going to steal some reps. Im going to push to red line and then stop, push the red line, stop etc. Start with 11s then an 7-4 split. Remember be conservative and keep moving!
Rowing… Be consistent all the way through. Strong pulls will be your friend. I’d push people to increase their pace here if they can. This is an easy place to maintain a solid pace without having to stop and breathe.
HSPU… Be overly conservative and try and stay on the wall. I couldn’t stress the conservative piece here. Once HSPU are gone, its singles after that. Pay attention to your core and kip the hell out of them. No less than 3 before you come off the wall.


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Pace yourself, and be conservative. Focus more on not stopping than anything else.

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