Bear Crawls? Really?

Diane with a little insult to injury.

Another “quick” one, but this one has an even taller order for the weight.

Diane 21-15-9
Deadlift 225/155 and Handstand Push Ups
Deadlifts 315/205

Pre Pre Workout

Nothing like getting upside down to make you think twice about what you had for lunch, no major changes! Are you seeing the trend? Don’t try something new on testing day.
4 Hours prior to workout – Final FULL meal. Low in fat.
90 Minutes prior – Easy carbs and protein. NO Fat. (Squeeze Packs, white rice, etc anything easy on the gut)

Pre workout, absolutely get some HBCD, BCAAs in your system.

Early morning athletes.
Be SURE to eat all your carbs, protein, and fat with your meal at dinner. If you have some easy carbs to sip on early, do it.

Hydration will also play a big role in this one. The heavy Deads are going to light up your CNS being hydrated well help keep it in check.

Pre Workout

This one is technical and HEAVY!

Chili Hot 3 Rounds
1:00 Casual Row – 10 Russian Kettle Bell Swings – 5 Hand Stand Kick Ups – 5 Ring Rows. I love banded walks to activate my glutes, so you bet I’ll be adding in some of these.

Mobility from Nick Gill @ Best In Stretch



Place band around the thighs near the top of the knee. Lay on your back knees bent. Lift/thrust hips to the ceiling while focusing your energy on the glutes where you are forcing the knees out. This will stimulate the lateral as well as the posterior chain. This will keep those areas hot for the deadlift. Repeat 12 reps of thrusting and glute opening.


With a band wrapped around a pull-up station overhead grab the band, hinge at the hips, keeping a neutral spine from lumbar to cervical. Allow for the should to hang as dead weight in order to gain traction of the joint capsule working a stretch through the lat and anterior deltoid process. 30 seconds on both sides will suffice. Repeat 3 times on both shoulders. PVC pass through and kipping shrugs on the pull-up bar are also very healthy ways to gain mobility for both the walks and HSPU’s.


3 Rounds- > 1:00  Row (casual+) > Banded Good Mornings > 2-3 Strict Pull-Ups.
THEN start deadlifting. Build up to your weight in 3-5 easy sets. Inbetween your warm-up sets, add in 6 Bird Dogs for glute activation and core stability. Consider continuing some activation while you are warming up the actual lift.
Now, its time to get inverted. Set up your handstand push-up spot and solidify your hand position. HACK #1 mark on the ground where your hands go each time so you don’t miss.
HACK #2 You can have 2 barbells for the workout both loaded for your weight for the workout. You can also have someone help you load your single bar.


9 Minutes, guys. 9. Set your bars up close to the wall. Make your transitions smooth and quick.

Deadlifts – They are going to feel HEAVY. Just be ready. This workout is taxing your midline stabilization then asking you to balance upside down. Inefficient deadlifts are GOING TO KILL YOU, not just on your deadlifts, but HSPU and your handstand walks later on.

HSPU & Handstand Walks – You are going to be tired from deadlifts, your stability is going to be off, so, being smart about your reps will be CRUCIAL. DO NOT go to failure, once you do, it is going to be very difficult to maintain any sort of pace. Get off the wall with 5 reps still in the tank. For the walks, same rules apply, utilize the markers and know you only have to get your hands across the line. Once you are across you can take a break.

Personally, I plan to smash through the deads as quick as I can while keeping my heart rate down. My shoulders are beaten up and my wrists are not 100%, so I plan to go with 2s & 3s at a very consistent pace. Seeing the top athletes struggle with the 315 has me thinking this is going to be ROWDY!

Go Fast.

BONUS – Post Workout

You CNS is going to be in FREAK OUT mode. Have some post workout shake ready to go. Consider doubling up on your carbs. 2:1 ration carbs:protein. Some of the guys I follow are recommending 3:1. Recovery after this workout needs to be a priority. You will be sore, but you might feel off the next day or two. Stay hydrated, keep your carbs high. Like really high. And do as much as you can to recover. Yoga, sleep, relax etc.

Post workout Mobility

Static banded holds.  Lying on your back place band around ball of foot gently pulling the leg toward your nose. There is no need to over do static holds. Pain IS NOT gain. Listen to your body it will tell you when too much is too much. Figure four position will also be a great post stretch for 18.4.
With a LAX ball or softball depending on the size of the athlete. The bigger you are, the bigger the ball. Place the ball on the psoas (located in the anterior hip near the hip-flexors). Lying on your stomach, with the ball on the psoas, lift the same leg up to apply pressure to the triggered area. This will release the psoas. The psoas will be under a great deal of strain as 18.4 is high in hip hinging and thrusting. Trust the recovery process!


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