The Open season is here and I love that this was the opening workout. Personally, I love using dumbbells in as much of my training as possible, especially Dumbbell Snatch. Here are my thoughts…

Warm Up & Activation

Casual Row for 3-4 Minutes to get body temp and heart rate on the rise. From here, let’s work from the ground up. Hit your feet, ankles, calves first. Roll out your feet with a lacrosse ball. Afterwards get a few ankle circles. Then hit your calves. Some call it a three-legged buffalo, I call it walking the dog. In a downward dog position, alternate driving your heel to the floor. Get 20 on each side. Revisit this position 2 more times throughout your warm up. A lot of jumping and landing in this one, we want your shock absorbers supple!

Attack the hips next, this includes your hammy’s, quads, glutes, psoas etc. Check out my other blog post for all you will need to get your hips right. CLICK HERE to get your hips right. Since you will be pulling the dumbbell from the floor each time, you could consider this a deficit snatch. So get those legs and hips mobile!

The Low Back and the Trunk are going to be tested here. Don’t be surprised when you see everyone crying about how sore their entire spine is! Get your trunk ready to keep you straight. If you start snatching with your spine, yea, your backs gonna be sore.  Get some Dead Bugs going. Get some Hip Bridges. And some Russian Kettle bell swings.
Activation Workout… 3 Rounds. 30 Second DeadBug Alternating dropping your legs and arms to the floor ALL while maintaining a neutral spine in contact with the floor. 15 Hip Bridges (5 full extension with both feet on the floor. 5 Using only your right leg, 5 using only your left leg. Your opposite leg should be pointed straight out when you are at the bottom of your bridge) 15 Russian Kettle bell swings. (add weight each round, focus on squeezing your booty and maintaining a perfectly neutral spine.)

Finally assess your shoulders, lats and chest. These are the smaller muscles in this workout that have to keep up with your lower half. Hit your lats with a roller. Hit your chest, shoulder and traps with a lacrosse ball. Spend about 90 seconds on each group on each side. Then run through this… 3 Rounds 5 Dynamic Push Ups (Try to leave the ground) 10 Ring Rows, 5 pull ups 15 Shoulder Circles.

The Workout

Pace is going to be your best friend. Find a pace that you can hold until you are done. Do NOT come out fast. Spiking your heart rate is the enemy. If you come out flying you are going to hit a brick wall. Go slower than you think. As you get close to the end of either the time cap or the reps, increase your pace where you think you can afford it. My advice, keep your burpees steady, play with the pace of your snatches.

Dont Rest! Do everything in your power to avoid long breaks. This is the secret sauce of 17.1. Take mini breaks in between reps of the snatch. Dumbbell goes down, quick breath, hit the next rep, dumbbell down, quick breath. Avoid standing up and staring at the dumbbell.

Think pretty not fast. Hold true on your snatching form. This will keep you moving efficiently longer. Your low back will absolutely be talking to you. Keep your hips low and chest higher. Your pretty form will enable you to go faster, longer.

Burpees are burpees, you can either black out or not. Black out and get off the box as quick as you can. The box is literally an obstacle in your way, hurry up and get over it!

Potential Hack switch hands of the dumbell on your way down to the floor each time instead of on the ground.


Eat your last mea about 2.5-3 hours prior. Toss in a few extra carbs than you usually do. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. No reason to stop for water on this one. Smash some more carbs and whatever “go-go” juice you take before your workouts. Keep it routine, don’t add anything you don’t normally have or take before a workout.

Go big!

I’d do everything I can to not re-do this one. It could be a long one. I realize I am also posting this the day scores are due, but whatever. If you waited until now to do it, you have to take my advice!

Give it hell!

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