Are you running a gym or is your gym running YOU?

A Strength and Conditioning approach to building the business YOU want.

8 Weeks To Gym Independence

Week 1 - Know your numbers.

Before you can build we need to know where you are and what you have. We will build a 1 page all encompassing report that will show us all of the important metrics to track as we build out your plan. You will have one week to get the reports created in your database and find any historical data.

Week 2 - What are we doing?

This questions works two-fold this week. What are you currently doing? What is your day like, your to-do list each week, where are you spending your time? Then, where do you want to take your business next? Set some goals for the short-term and long term.

Week 3 - Setting Up Success

This is the ‘cleaning out the closet’ week. With all of the information we gained from last week we will define your strengths and weaknesses. We will assess your top tasks and your time wasters. Then, decision time, out with bad and in with the good.

Week 4 - Systems

This is where it starts to get interesting. You’ve got a clean slate coming in from last week. What can we do to your business to make it and you more efficient. Automate, Delegate, and Alleviate. Get your gym to operate with or without you.

Week 5 - Time To Hustle

Now we have a picture, we have the systems we know we need to build. Time to hustle. Time to implement. A functioning system is your ticket to freedom! Goal here is to build and then try to break it, find the holes, and make it better.

Week 6 - 7 - 8

Your goals are set. You can track the progress. And you are documenting everything. What’s working? What’s not? Is there a better way? The final weeks are for tweaking, changing, and solidifying.

Have you ever written a workout program or cycle?

So much thought and creativity goes into a workout program. You, the programmer, are looking at so many variables like weight, duration, etc. You look at all the big names, and the fancy programs. Tweak this, tweak that.  The workouts “suck” and your plan works. In the end what did you do?

You wrote down a plan.
You stuck to it.
You worked hard for the results.

NOW… Let’s do the same thing for your business.

Over the next 8 weeks I am going to help you write a Strength and Conditioning Program for your gym. I have the program template, you get to set the records.

No fancy software. No secret sauce. Just some solid ideas, implemented consistently over time, to drive huge results.

Group 1 – February 2017 – 4 spots available!
CrossFit Balboa – Costa Mesa, CA