Shoulder Openers

By March 28, 2019Recovery

Quick 4-position shoulder opener to give you some overhead range, improve posture, and you might even feel this one in your neck.

Today’s Mobility routine: 2 Rounds – Hold each position for 1 minute.

Position 1 – I call it Elevated Child’s Pose

Put your arms on something elevated off of the ground I am using my dogs food bowl holder. The high you go, the more intense. Let your chest and head fall to the floor. This isn’t a workout so no reason to push it. Level up by swaying slightly from side to side.

Position 2 – Same concept as position 1, but you are putting your elbows on the box instead. You should feel this deeper in the shoulder but it may creep into your triceps. Again, let your chest and head fall to the floor.

I place my hands together if you hold a PVC pipe or a stick it will keep your shoulders in a more optimal position. I lack some range and can’t quite get there, but if you can, try holding something in your hands to keep your elbows and shoulder in place as you fall to the floor.

Position 3 & 4 – Thread the needle. You are gong to lay your forearm across the box and then let you chest and head fall to the floor. Once you have taken a few breaths, take your opposite arm and reach across your body. You should feel a great stretch in your shoulder and then tap into mobility of your upper back, your thoracic spine.

Do the same thing on the opposite side.

Do this in the airport before you get on the plane at the air port. Those chairs in the terminal are a great height for this. Just don’t put your face on the floor in the airport, please. That’s gross.

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