Squats! Squats! Squats!

Is there a better movement to be doing? Not likely. The squat is tried and true. The perfect amount of flexibility, strength, and power all added together to make you a better human.

Good Squats vs. Bad Squats, these squats vs. those squats all a discussion for another day. For now, here is one of the routines I follow to get myself, particularly my hips, ready for a awesome day.

Body Temp on the Rise.

I’ll spend about 5 minutes moving around and getting everything warm. I switch this up regularly but I will jump rope for a few minutes, then ride an assault bike, then finish with a short jog. While I’m doing this I’m reading my body, where am I tight? Am I inactive? What’s my body telling me?

Dynamic Stretching and Activation

Banded Side Steps

Banded Side Steps

I love lunges so I’ll do 6 regular ‘ol walking lunges. Then I’ll throw my hands up and do 6 Samson Lunges. Finally Ill add in what I call a Pyramid Lunge, again for 6 steps.

Adding a different direction to the lunges, I’ll add in some lateral lunges. Ill usually hit 3 rounds of 10 (5 left and 5 right). I use these as a glute activator as well. I shoot to stand straight up out of the lunge almost like one-legged squats or pistols.


Next I work on getting my muscles awake and functioning. Snag my Slingshot Hip Circle. I’ll throw that guy around my knees and get some side steps. Any band works for these but I usually go for 3×16 to the left and to the right.

In between sets of my side steps I’ll do some Russian Kettlebell swings focusing on just using my hips, squeezing my glutes as hard as possible. I start light and finish heavy 8-10 reps per set.

Attack the hips!

Next I’ll grab and band (Rogue calls them Monster Bands, but whatever your gym has grab the 25#) I wrap that band around something that isn’t going to move, and put my leg through the other end.

Banded Runners Lunge

High Hamstring Floss. With my banded leg forward I step away from where the band is tied up, stagger my feet, hinge at the waist and put my hands on the floor. Then I raise and lower my hips. Essentially locking out my knees and unlocking them, over and over. Feeling for a big pull in my hamstring. 20 Reps each side.

Banded Runners Lunge. Take a quarter turn in the direction of your banded leg. Drop into a runners lung. Keeping your front foot flat move around and get a few hip circles. in each direction. 10 Circles in each direction.

Banded Pigeon. Staying where you are drop your banded leg into the yoga position known as pigeon. Same thing as the lunge get 10 hip circles in each direction.

Banded 90/90 Lunge. Make another quarter turn so you are facing the object where your band is attached and drop your banded knee to the floor. Opposite foot is flat and you are in a lunge, 90 degrees in both legs. The band should be pulling your hip towards where its tied up. Squeeze the glute that is banded and drive your hip forward. Feeling for a stretch in the quad, hip and maybe even up into your abdomen.

Do the same thing to the opposite side.

Last stretch is a downward facing dog where I “walk the dog” and alternate dropping my heels to the floor to get my calves loose.

Finally, I’ll get a few air squats and see where I’m at. Then grab an empty bar and do the same.

Now, put your spin on my routine and get your body right! Happy Squatting.

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