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For the heavy lifting…

Follow the percentages accordingly. If you “PR” awesome, but the true PR test will be at the end of the cycle, do not change your PR number at all during the 8 weeks. If you have an off day, simply do your best. Finish you day and chalk it up to a bad workout day. These 8-weeks WILL be taxing.

Dynamic and Isolated movements…

These will be done at the end of each workout to isolate muscle groups not normally targeted. The rep scheme will be 3 sets of a specified number of reps. Heavy does not equal more/better. Perfect movement does. I want you to go slow. Be deliberate. Shoot for 60 seconds in each set. Purpose here is two fold, activation and flood the muscle with some healthy fresh blood to get you big. Again, go slow, be deliberate.


These will be heavy weight and high skill. Scale as needed to attain the precise effect the metcon is aiming to achieve. Ask questions if needed. The time caps are given to help you scale. We are trying to get you to think critically about the workout. “If I do X at X weight its going to take me forever. GOOD! Change the weight so you can finish in the time cap.

Rest Days

You have 1 day of Mandatory rest. Do nothing, the only thing you are allowed to do is stretch or be active. DO NOT go workout. Go for a walk if you need. I want you to factor in one more rest day into your week if you can. Fit your Metcons in after training sessions.


You will need it. Sleep as much as you can. Eat as much as you can. Recovery is more important that your training, take it seriously. I promise you the more you sleep the more you will gain.

Why I wrote this program/For whom did I write this program? (that sounds funny, even though its right.)

I wrote this program for CrossFiters who wanted to get bigger, faster, and stronger. They were looking to increase all of their numbers for Back Squat, Front Squat, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Snatch and Clean. Some were/are competitors. Some wanted to get stronger so they could better perform in their day-to-day programming at their gym. Some just wanted to take a break from the normal day-to-day metcons their gym was putting up.

The weights are percentage bases, and although my next program will not involve percentages, this program is based off of your squat and press numbers.

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