Wrist Action

By March 14, 2019Recovery

Probably one of the more neglected joints and muscle groups – Here is an awesome wrist stretch and mobility flow.

Here is the breakdown:
*Before you begin regardless of the range of motion in your wrist, I want you to keep your elbow FULLY locked out the entire time. Simply do not pull as far in any direction seen in the video. If your elbow bends or you palm or top of your hand leaves the floor, that is where you stop.
Next, keep your palm down and fingers extended!

  1. Forward Lean x 8-10
  2. Backward Lean x 8-10
  3. Side to side x 8-10 on each side
  4. Top of hand down RIGHT backwards lean x 8-10
  5. Top of hand down LEFT backwards lean x 8-10
  6. Top of hand down extension x 8-10
  7. Right single arm rotation x 8-10
  8. Left single arm rotation x 8-10
  9. Wrist rotations to reset the joint.

Single Arm rotations you are pulling your arm around to try and gently fully extend the elbow. Lean slightly forward as you pull arm over.

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