Donny Coaches small groups, teams, and one-on-one. He is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer, and a CrossFit Sport Specific Application Trainer. He also writes training programs for athletes nationwide. He is the Head Coach for Under30Experiences and Bruteforce Training.

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When I was playing lacrosse in high school and college a Strength and Conditioning Coach was not even on my radar. The teams didn’t have one, nor could I or the program afford one. I knew I wanted to be stronger, faster and bigger, but had no idea how to get there. Body building workouts were the best I could find.


Every time I walk in the door of a gym I meet 1 of 2 people; the savy entrepreneur who wants to work out more than he wants to coach or the bad ass coach who can answer all the questions in the book, but opened their gym not quite sure what they were getting themselves into. The first one can just recruit and hire good coaches. I’m here to help the latter.

My Story The Long Version

Fresh out of college I went to work for a sporting goods manufacturer. I was the in house sales rep for a territory of sales reps. Basically, a support role with a side of sales, your typical job out of college at the mercy of the higher ups. Do your work, go home, thats all.  In my head… How do I do this faster so I can make a few of my own sales calls today and ultimately sneak out the back door of the print shop and head to the gym early?

Faster Service = More Time for Sales.

In the beginning instead of making more sales, since that wasn’t technically my job, I focused on building the systems to make the sales. The territory wasn’t doing well, nor the company. So bring on the layoffs and downsizing. They practically got rid of all my territory reps and my manager, but I kept a position at the company and was moved to operations. In short I made sure that the sales that were happening were put in correctly, customized if necessary, filled, and sent out on time.

When I came into this role, there was only one other guy checking each order, one – at – a – time, for the WHOLE company. Crazy. He didn’t have time to train me on anything. He was working late. I couldn’t work late cause I didn’t know how to do anything. So again, I decided to try and find a way to speed things up, automate where I could.

My first order of business, better train sales reps to put in orders correctly so we didn’t have to fix them. I was new, and was telling the sales reps how to enter orders. I had no problem pushing an order back to a rep that was wrong and screwed up my own little system. That didn’t go over well. They didn’t like that the recent college grad, the noobie, was telling a seasoned sales rep how to do his job. My manager would just fix them for the reps, not anymore! But people started talking, I had a talking two once or twice, and eventually was put on a short leash. It was funny how the orders started to come through much cleaner. I gladly accepted my short leash.

The company continued to suffer and round 2 of layoffs came… At this point of my astonishing career, I had pissed off plenty of people, and definitely more than once too. Letting me go was an easy decision. I was unemployed.

It had been about a month and it was almost time to pack it up and move home to “figure it out.” I had Army, Navy, Police, and Fire brochures on my coffee table when my Dad called saying…

“I just bought this piece of software, and I dont have time to figure it out. I know I want it, but I need someone to program it.”

Workin with pops? Risky!

“Ill come check it out and see if I’m interested.” My Dad was and still is in the Mortgage Industry and I was hesitant to walk that path at first. Suit and ties, cubicles, casual fridays just don’t do it for me.

Holy. $%it!

This was perfect! He had purchased a new database and automation software to keep track of his clients and his orders. He was looking to “speed things up.” To better communicate with clients, reps, and everyone in between.

Something like this was exactly what I was looking for from my previous jobs. I spent the next 5 years learning all about running a business from my Dad. He had the systems, so I learned what good systems looked like. He had the marketing, so I learned how to build campaigns, execute, sell, and follow up. And he had the vision, so I learned what it meant to never settle, and that not only is it never done, it can always be better.

In the 5 years I worked there the company started with 2 sales reps, Dad being one of them, one support role (my first job kind of position) and a receptionist. When I left we had grown to 3 locations, 20 some odd sales reps, a team of support staff, and two sales reps with their own set of teams. I didn’t do a single mortgage while I was there, but I had small role in making them all possible.

My love for health and wellness eventually took over and an opportunity presented itself when CrossFit LoDo needed a manager and full time coach. I had been coaching part time for a few years, and was ready to jump.

My thought was take everything I know building systems and process for the mortgage world and build a gym version. So here I am…